5 Different Moustache Types – and how to choose the one for you

Are you ready to sport your mustache? Just like fashion cycles come and go, facial hairstyles are pretty the same. A variety of mustache types have made a comeback strong and more fashionable. 

Allowing hair to grow on the upper lip has been a unique masculine trend for hundreds of years. A well-trimmed and styled mustache can add a great deal to your personality and transform the physical appearance of your face.

mustache types

Mustaches can also compliment your beard style, hairstyle, and are also used to highlight the strong facial features that you want to show off and conceal other features like a thin or thick lip.

Not all mustaches are styled equally and before we discuss the different mustache types, let’s see how to choose a mustache that suits your face.

A mustache can add balance to your features, give you power and a different persona. Here are some of the things you need to consider while selecting your signature mustache.


The width of your mustache can change how certain facial features appear to look.

For example, if you wear a narrow mustache, it narrows the appearance of your nose and mouth. When you go for a wide mustache, it will broaden the appearance of your mouth and nose.

Choose a mustache width in accordance with the size of your mouth and nose.

Size of your face

Big faces will look better with fuller and broader mustaches, while small faces will go well with a smaller and thinner mustache.


Growing a weighty bushy mustache will add volume to your upper lip. It is ideal if you want to minimize the appearance of a large nose. It also helps you add proportion to your face.


Mustaches are styled to grow either horizontally or vertically. You can try your mustache in different directions to see which one suits you best.


Your hairstyle can also determine the type of mustache to grow because not all mustaches will suit your hairstyle.

The shape of your face

Select a mustache type that highlights your best facial features according to your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, you need a mustache to add length to your face, like the Van Dyke.

Depending on your facial features, a mustache can add weight to your face, make it thin, create vertical lines or draw attention to your best features.

Here is a list of the top 5 moustache types to try

The pencil

This is a subtle mustache width, a carefully trimmed strap of hair on your upper lip. It is one of the fastest mustaches to grow as it does not require thicker and fuller hair.

Be warned that it requires a lot of work and attention to maintain it despite how it’s easy to grow this mustache type.

It is trimmed to the same width of your mouth and maintained thin and short. It suits both broad and narrow faces.

A cousin style to this mustache is the parted pencil with a shaved philtrum separating the two lines.

Handlebar mustache

This is one of the dapper mustache types characterized by its unique wiry edges that curl upwards at both ends.

You will need to use styling wax to help curl the edges upwards. Therefore, it requires a person with enough time to do the styling regularly.

The middle point under your nose should be trimmed and allow the edges to grow longer. Wear this style to broaden your mouth and add width to your face.

This style can suit many face shapes, and it’s way greater on narrower faces.


This is a quintessential mustache type that is easy to grow and maintain. It consists of bushy and thick but not messy that partially covers the top lip.

It requires occasional trims to keep it in check, making it a favorite mustache for most men. This style follows the shape of your upper lip, which gives it a slightly upside-down v shape where the mouth corners are narrow. It can take you about 2-3 months to get the required thickness to rock this style.

To maintain its perfect shape, you will need a beard trimmer so that the edges don’t cover your mouth. This style is not suitable for a person with small facial features as it will dominate your face.


This is a bushy mustache type that resembles the chevron, only that it is more rounded and overgrown, almost covering the whole mouth.

It is one of the exaggerated mustache styles, and it requires a few months to achieve this style for the thick and voluminous and needed coarse hair. The big size of this mustache will get you noticed.

It is ideal for anyone with a big nose or a wide face as it will help balance your dominating features. It adds weight to your upper lip and draws more attention to the middle of your face.


If you have a round or square face shape, this is your ideal mustache type.

Named after the horseshoe shape, it consists of a full mustache that extends downwards on the two corners of the mouth to form like an upside-down U and a clean-shaved goatee and soul patch. The two lines add a vertical direction to the face making it appear longer.

Growing a circle beard can help you style this look easily.

How to grow a mustache

Growing a mustache is an easy process because all you have to do is put your razor down and allow the mustache and beard to grow until you get the required volume.

This can take you a few months, depending on how flat your facial hair grows.

Once you have enough volume hair on your upper lip, it’s time to experiment with the different mustache types to find one that suits your face and style.