9 Ways to Rock an Amish Beard

Are you looking to grow and style a beard that works well in the long term?  Try the Amish beard, and you will be spoilt with various options.

What is an Amish Beard?

Amish Beard

The Amish beard is one of the traditional beard styles that ancient Christian Amish community men wore. It is a facial hairstyle with long, flowing beards along the chin and jawline connecting to the sideburns but has no mustache or soul patches.

If you wonder why Amish men wore a beard without a mustache, it’s because they have a deep connection towards the preservation of humanity. They detest anything or anyone who tried to harm society in any way.

In early 1800, the government required the British troops to have a mustache or facial hair above the lip.

The Amish are non-violent and thus became skeptical about military service. Since the mustache was a symbol of military service, Amish men decided to grow a beard without a mustache to separate themselves physically from those who would engage in military service and show they are more concerned about peace.

Characteristics of traditional Amish beards

  • A clean-shaven mustache that is trimmed daily
  • Longbeards connecting to the sideburns, which can be more than 6 inches long
  • The facial hair is trimmed on the side to keep lengthier hair around the chin
  • Shave areas surrounding the cheeks and mouth
  • No limit on how long the beard can grow

Amish beards have deep religious meanings and symbolism.

Do you know that Amish men do not exchange traditional wedding rings when they get married? Instead, they stop shaving their beard as a sign of humility, and manhood, and commitment to their wives and religion.

Today, anyone can rock the Amish beard style without being a firm believer of all the religious connotations associated with the beard. If you are ready to commit and let your facial hair to grow long and wild, you can effortlessly pull off this look.

Today, the definition of an Amish beard is different with numerous variations. It has become a trendy facial hairstyle adored by men all over the world. Amish beards never go out of style, and anyone can sport this beard without looking boring.

Here are some styles you can rock with an Amish-inspired beard.

1. Traditional Amish Beard

This is the more ancient look of the Amish beard.

It is a style where the mustache area is cleanly shaven, and the beard is allowed to grow freely on the chin and jawline.

Hair in the jawline is heavy, which connects to the chin and extends to the chest. The cheek hair, upper chin, soul patch, and mustache are shaved clean.

This style gives you a look of wisdom. It is, however, not fit for a curly beard.

2. Long Amish beard

The beauty of this style is growing your beard to the length you want, or your body will permit if the size of the beard does not bother you. With this style, you can stick to a no-mustache style or still allow the mustache to grow.

The sideburns are left to be rugged, and they strongly meet the jawlines; facial hair on both sides. This style requires minimal to no trimming.

This makes it easy to grow your beard to this style because you only let it grow. Several years of not shaving will help you rock this Amish beard style.

3. The Amish plus moustache

If you really want to grow a mustache, that should not prevent you from rocking the Amish beard style. Though traditionally an Amish beard doesn’t include a mustache, you can add a mustache to spice up the traditional style and give it a modern look.

4. Pointed beard

This is an easy-to-achieve style that entails trimming your beard in a pointed shape style.

This is a great way to bring the traditional Amish culture to the 21st century.

Trim the top part above the jawline and keep it neat. The part below the chin should be groomed and combed to form a point.

If you want to achieve a pointed beard quickly, grow a full beard and trim it accordingly to achieve the pointed style. You can wear a pointed beard style, either long or rugged.

5. Full and bushy

The full and bushy Amish beard style allows you to grow your beard with no trimming.

Let your beard flourish but shave off your mustache regularly so that no stubble will remain visible.

All you have to do to rock this style is to let your beard grow at its entire length and thickness so that it is complete and bushy.

Allow the sideburns to grow out entirely and the upper chin to get a broad and rugged beard.

6. The dapper Amish beard

This is a more modern style inspired by the Amish beard style.

You need to keep your beard short and don’t grow it all the way to the chest to rock this style.

Unlike the previous styles, you keep the cheek hair, and you maintain a light mustache and soul patch.

To sport this style requires consistent grooming to get the dapper look. This style is ideal for a professional person who wants a well-kept and stylish beard.

7. The closely cut Amish beard

If you love the Amish beard shape style but also love your beard closely cropped, you can sport the closely cut style.

This style brings the best of both looks. It is an excellent style, especially for someone whose facial hair is sparse.

8. The Amish-inspired hipster beard

To rock this facial hairstyle, you have to heavily trim the chin beard evenly from the right jaw to the left, covering the entire chin area.

The sideburns should be short and trimmed, meeting the heavy jawline on both sides to give it a hipster look. A heavy mustache is allowed to grow to complement the heavy beard style.

9. Short chin style

To rock this style, grow a short beard on your lower chin.

The jawline should also be heavy to match and meet the beard on the chin on both sides.

The upper chin and the mustache are cleanly shaved.

This style is a great fit in modern society and the corporate environment. It works on straight and curly hair and its ideal for all facial shapes.

The Amish beard is a traditional style that never goes out of style. It is a style that you can easily sport by allowing hair to grow on your cheeks and chin.

Though traditionally the Amish don’t grow a mustache, a few changes here and there will let you wear this facial hairstyle in various ways and still get that Amish beard vibe.