Beard Styles for Bald Men

Knowing the different beard styles for bald men can ease the transition from bald and clean-shaven to being bald with a beard.

Have you begun to notice that your once crowning glory is not as lush as it used to be? Perhaps you are at crossroads on whether you should keep your wisps of hair here and there or go for a chrome dome and see how this stylish trend can create a new look for you.

Let’s look at the different styles that can suit bald men.

Beard Styles for Bald Men: Consider Your Face Shape

beard styles for bald men

Facial hair can alter your look. It may enhance your facial shape or simply be a facial style add-on that changes your looks – whether you are in informal attire of jeans or wearing a distinctive suit.

Once you have decided to grow a beard with a bald head, make sure it is a flattering style that goes with the shape of your face.

What beard complements an oval face?

Oval-shaped means you have a slightly longer face than it is wide. With a narrow forehead and a rounded chin coupled with a curving jaw, you need to stay away from long and narrow beards as this will intercept you from having a well-proportioned look.

Go for a style that would help widen your face and make your jawline appear more square-ish. It is best to choose one that is full on the sides and short at the bottom.

Go for:

>Imperial Beard – makes your face look wider

>Short Boxed Beard – will give you a tougher look

What beard complements a rectangular face?

If you have an angular jawline, most likely you possess a rectangular face. This is a hybrid of the square-shaped and oval face. You have a high forehead with a square jaw and face that’s longer than it’s wide.

The best beard styles will be one that is full on the cheeks and above as this will help widen your jaw.

Go for:

>Full beard – makes you look strong and resilient

>Chin Curtain style – for a fresh-faced and contemporary look

>Extended Goatee – gives off an attractive and intelligent aura

What beard complements a round face?

Having a round face simply means that you have a rounded chin and your cheekbones form part of the widest portion of your face. A round-shaped face has softer angles than one with a square shape. The sides of your face extend upward instead of straight.

If you have a round face, adapt a beard style of considerable length as this will help widen your face. The sides should be short, allowing hair to grow completely further down your chin. A goatee paired with a round face compliments your masculinity.

Go for:

> Goatee with a moustache

> The half-goatee

> The extended goatee

> Light stubble

What beard complements a square face?

Men with square-face shapes have a wide hairline and jawline. Choosing the most enticing style of beard should make your face look smoother and less angular.

Your facial hair should allow your face to look longer and leaner. As your beard begins to grow out, remember to trim it to make it more rounded and oval.

Go for:

> Balbo

> Extended goatee

> Chinstrap

What beard complements an inverted face?

An inverted triangle face shape means you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Your chin is more pronounced, so you would need to draw attention more to the other parts of your face. A fuller beard around the jaw would add weight to your slender chin.

Go for:

> Garibaldi – for that rough around the edges, unkempt look with a sexy vibe

What beard complements a triangle face?

Men with a triangular face shape should avoid a full beard at all costs. Always keep it trimmed and short. You have a wide, strong jawline and a narrower forehead. Since your chin is square or sometimes even flat, your goal is to make the shape of your face oval by drawing your beard inwards.

Go for:

> Longbeards that are short on the sides

Classic Beard Styles for Bald Men

Bald with Goatee

There are several different types of goatees and it is best to find the one that suits your facial shape. A bald man sporting a goatee will add intensity and character to his looks. If you have a slight, weak chin a thicker goatee will work best for you.

A soul patch on a goatee highlights the chin while a pointed goatee accentuates the jawline.

Bald with Stubble

The bald with stubble style gives a captivating and powerful look. Maintaining a consistent stubble exudes intensity which adds to your charming personality.

Bald with a Full Beard

The bald and fully bearded is the fiercest and most passionate of all looks. The disparity between a bald head and a long beard permits them to harmonize with the ampleness of the beard, making the bald head look so clean-cut.

Beard Care

Maintaining your bald and bearded look will have to start with regular trimming. This is essential even for short beards as this has an impact on your overall appearance.

The shape of your beard that extends from your neckline should be about ¾ inch wide. Shape it regularly to even out the lines.

Avoid the beard itch and flakes by moisturizing your facial hair using a balm or beard oil. Doing so will prevent brittle hair that can lead to split ends.


Now that you realize that a beard and a bald head are a combination that promotes masculinity, this is also the time not to neglect your beard care. As you commit to growing your beard and choosing the one style that fits your facial type, let it not be a hindrance for you to try other beard styles for bald men.

Whether you are follicly challenged or you simply want to shave your head off and pair it with a beard, keep in mind to trim, groom and maintain your beard so you always look your best.