Braided Beards – styles to inspire!

Are you prepared to explore the world of facial hairstyles? Braided beard styles are waiting to be tried by you. If you’re brave and patient enough to grow a long enough beard to braid, you’ll be rewarded with a wide range of styles.

braided beards

It’s challenging to keep a lengthy braid tidy and elegant. Meanwhile, some hairstyles, such as braids, can quickly achieve the desired effect. If you believed braiding was only done by women, think again. Even the toughest machos might start braiding their hair to make themselves look better. 

How to braid your beard

There are various braided designs to pick from; braiding your beard is a straightforward and quick process. You’ll be able to weave a range of new styles once you’ve mastered the basic step-by-step procedure. For starters, you’ll need facial hair that’s at least 3 to 4 inches long and free of patches. Because plaited beards are made by weaving strands together, you’ll need a beard that’s long enough to work with. To braid your beard, follow these steps:

  1.  It would help if you used a good shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and condition your beard. To straighten and detangle your beard, gently towel-dry it, apply beard oil, then brush or comb it.
  2. Divide your beard into three sections. The style you want to achieve will determine where you begin to divide your facial hair. Begin at the chin and work your way down for a Viking or French braided beard. Make sure the strands are all the same length. Tie a small rubber band at the bottom of each segment to make it simpler to handle if you’re unskilled.
  3.  Take part in either your left or right hand and pull it over the central strand to begin braiding your beard. After that, pull the opposing and available part over the middle one.
  4. Rep the previous procedures as needed until your beard is entirely braided.

Braided beard styles

If you’ve never braided before, you might be apprehensive about getting started. That’s why we’ve come up with 11 different braided beard designs to inspire you. Braiding may appear complicated, but it is much simpler than it seems. 

  1.  Ponytail Braided Beards

 Another clever method for maintaining a thin beard is to use a beard trimmer. A French braid would be unattractive. However, this ponytail, divided into small sections by elastic bands, can make a stunning impression.

2. Long Braided Beard 

A lengthy braided beard is an excellent method to stand out from the crowd of other beards. Hair should be complete and thick for this appearance. To elongate your face shape, a tightly wound braid should pop out in the middle.

3. Viking Braided Beard 

With a Viking braided beard, you can channel your inner Dothraki. This look is very cool with a high and tight shaved ponytail that narrows and accentuates your face shape. To finish the appearance, add an earthy bead to the end of your braid. Viking beards are versatile and effortlessly fashionable, fitting men of many facial types and hairstyles, but the style works well with a top knot, ponytail, or man bun. At the same time, the most common variant has tight braids and beards and rubber bands at the finish.

4. Braided Goatee  

Consider getting a braided goatee if you want a clean look. A braided goatee beard will look good in any style, from a single strand like a ponytail to two sections of hair while still highlighting your facial features. Don’t hide your perfect cheekbones or sculpted jaw if you have them. The style is especially suitable for men with round faces, as it gives the impression of a more angular chin.

5. Braided Beard Chin

Braid only a strand at the center of your chin to produce a cool braided chin beard for a shabby look. While you can still have a full beard in the background, this style will not monopolize your facial hair while giving you an edgy and bold appearance. Consider finishing your chin braid with a hair tie and beads if you want to make a statement. 

  1. Braided Mustache

Your mustache will seem even more macho if you braid it into your beard. Braided mustaches take time and patience to complete because you must wait until the hair is long enough to plait. As long as you dare to pull it off, this look won’t go unnoticed.

  1. Cornrows Beard

Cornrow braids in your beard can improve your style as one of the newest trends. While the style is popular and cool, braiding a cornrow beard is challenging, so we strongly encourage you to get expert help

  1.  Beard with French Braids

The French braid is the most popular and straightforward braided beard design. You’ll need to define three equal-sized strands and weave them together if you want to french braid your facial hair. French braiding a beard is a classic look all guys will love, but it does require several inches of length to make.

  1. Short Braided Beard

Your beard doesn’t have to be very long for you to be able to braid it. You can weave a short beard if you have a few inches to work with and good hand-eye coordination. Guys with short beards are best suited to a beard bun, ponytail, wizard twirl, or classic Viking aesthetic, whether you desire a beard bun, ponytail, wizard twirl, or classic Viking aesthetic.