Goatee Styles: Examining the differences

Who would have thought there would be so many different goatee styles!

A goatee is a goatee…right? Wrong. Here we spell out the different goatee styles and help you choose the best one for you.

Pure Goatee: A stylish choice

The pure style is generally a great choice if you have a weaker mustache or simply don’t like the feeling of hair above your lip.

It allows for a stylish look that incorporates facial hair and gives off more welcoming energy when socializing. It includes a small chin beard that can be optionally grown out.

The soul patch blends into the chin hair and is shaped according to individual preference.

This is a popular option for a lot of men in their 20s and is rocked extensively on college campuses.

There are also many famous people who sport this look on the regular and it helps you remain cooler in the summer.

Mustaches aren’t for everyone, and this style proves it with a more comfortable appeal. It is commonly paired with short hair with gel and makes a nice impression on the ladies.

It can be used to enhance your chin and gives more authority regarding presence. It says you like to have fun but don’t take things too seriously from a psychological standpoint. 

Full Goatee: A classic look 

This iconic style is seen as the staple of what a goatee should be and it involves the connection of the mustache to the chin and doesn’t involve fine trimming or styling.

The sides of the face and under the neck are shaved with precision to achieve a clean-cut goatee that exudes authority and commands respect.

We see the goatee make its appearance among the Hollywood stars and your average man.

The style is represented thoroughly in social circles and is admired by many.

A good example of a perfect goatee would be Walter White from Breaking Bad where it is trimmed at the perfect length at a later point in the show.

Other inspiring stars have also rocked the classic goatee like Keanu Rives and Kanye West.

The style is timeless and goes with many different looks as a great compliment.

The beard is a circle around the mouth and one may opt to have the inner parts shaved to create certain shapes or a full circle. Either way, a man will be equipped with the perfect balance of styling and still retain a masculine look. 

The pretty boy look for sleek results 

goatee styles

If you’re heading for the club or trying to score with the ladies then the pretty boy style is a great option.

This requires a special razor head that can effectively accomplish a thin and perfectly groomed appearance.

The real question regarding this goatee is how thin do you want to go?

Each person is different and may opt for a pencil-thin or relatively thick look.

Either way, it has to be incredibly close to the skin which equates to a few days after five o clock shadow starts.

It definitely has a cleaner appeal to it but requires a lot of continual maintenance so it doesn’t grow too long.

To transition to the regular classic style, all you need to do is let it fill in space and grow for a while.

This looks great with short and eloquently styled hair with a consistent gel product.

Some men may even opt to put a little bit of gel in the beard itself to give it a darker and more uniform appearance.

It is typically seen as a younger style and doesn’t work as well if you have a greying beard. Overall, it’s perfect for a night on the town while looking sharp! 

The landing strip for less maintenance 

A full goatee can be intimidating to some people, and this is especially true when it isn’t properly kept.

The beard can grow in patches with some men and it’s simply due to genetics which you can’t control.

Consider this landing strip style because even weaker beards can grow this smaller area of hair on the chin with relative ease.

The styling procedure is easy to maintain and serves as a more comfortable alternative than any other goatee style.

You’d be surprised how vastly different first impressions are when you have even the smallest landing strip as opposed to a clean shave.

It’s important for it to be straight and even on both sides utilizing a precision razor. It works very well with a tropical look and gives off a care-free vibe.

The style is excellent for men who don’t want to basically have a clean face but still have an authoritative presence.

This landing strip is a great option if you don’t want to look too old at a younger age. A full goatee can add a lot of years onto a man’s face and some prefer to stay looking younger but still rock some facial hair. 

Anchor style: Long or short

The anchor style is another wonderful option for men because it allows you to achieve an iconic Van Dyke look where the mustache and bottom of the chin are separated by smooth skin to give an anchor-like appearance.

This can look incredibly professional and fancy if you decide to grow out the mustache and chin hair longer.

Short is also very sleek and manly and this is the traditional Van Dyke style.

Either way, the mustache should always remain separate from the rest of the beard and this draws the eye.

In art, separation is sometimes key instead of everything flowing together.

This makes the parts of your goatee two separate entities to examine and can appear very elegant for the man of style.

So which goatee style is for you?

All of these styles require a certain level of upkeep, and it’s common for men to style their beards with wax or gel products as they grow longer.

This reduces any straggly hairs and increases the uniformity of the style.

All goatee styles take patience and dedication.

Having a beard shows that you took the time to make it a reality, and it gives off different auras depending on the occasion.

Many men will change their styles according to different circumstances, and the beauty of facial hair is it continues to grow back so it’s a fun canvas to experiment with.