How to Grow a Mustache – 5 Top Tips

Growing a mustache is an excellent method to change your appearance. It takes some patience, aesthetic consideration, and suitable materials to keep it all looking well. (It’s similar to developing a beard.) You can’t just let your hair grow out and expect a flawlessly maintained, pleasing result. Instead, you must work with your hair as it develops, ensuring its healthy, and groomed. It won’t take over your life; all we ask is to follow our tips on how to grow a mustache so you don’t end up looking like Frank Zappa. Unless that’s your goal, in which case, go for it.

How long does it take to grow a mustache?

You may be wondering but the truth is that it differs from one person to the next. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, so what takes you a month or two to grow a mustache could take another person up to four months. One thing to keep in mind: due to genetics and other underlying factors, some men may be unable to grow a mustache.

5 Top Tips on How to Grow a Mustache

1. When it comes to facial hair growth, be patient

 Although your facial hair multiplies, it can take several weeks to over a month to ultimately grow in, depending on the sort of mustache you want to wear and the rate at which your beard develops.

It may take some time, so don’t rush it. For two or three weeks, grow a beard. Many men avoid growing mustaches because they don’t want to appear weird during the first few weeks when their embryonic mustache is forming.

I understand. It’s not attractive to have a shaved face with a thin, uneven line of hair over your lip. It makes you appear like a spooky Mc Creepsalot or that smelly middle school who hit puberty sooner than everyone else.

To avoid the awkward early mustache phase, grow a beard for the first 2-4 weeks. People are a little more forgiving of your new facial hair if you look like a wino with a full beard rather than a creeper with a musk beard.

Trimming your beard frequently, contrary to common opinion, does not encourage it to “grow back thicker.” This isn’t always poor advice, though: it’s often used to persuade men with unattractive facial hair to shave it off and wait till it grows back fuller.

To speed up the process, you can employ some simple good-health measures to boost facial hair development. You can increase facial hair development by eating a diet rich in protein, saturated fat, and Vitamins A, E, and C getting adequate exercise and rest, and, most importantly, keeping your face clean and well-groomed.

2. Dead skin cells should be exfoliated while growing a mustache

In most situations, the skin is covered with dead skin cells that prevent facial hair from growing naturally or quickly. At least twice a week, you should apply an excellent exfoliating scrub. Ensure the exfoliating scrub is designed for guys and appropriate for your skin type, which could be dry, oily, sensitive, or combination. Exfoliating the face using an exfoliating scrub will help to eliminate dead skin cells and clarify the skin, promoting facial hair growth.

3. Remove whatever you don’t want

The hair atop the lip is left untouched by most basic mustaches, which stretch just about to the sides of the mouth. Shaving off any unwanted facial hair is all it takes to create a simple mustache. 

Leave your mustache alone once you’ve achieved the basic form you desire. Shave or trim the rest of your facial hair growth regularly to keep your mustache standing out from the rest of your beard’s hair.

Purchase a high-quality beard trimmer. It’s a good idea to invest in a beard trimmer whenever you’re sculpting facial hair to make the work easier.  It’s easier to shape your mustache precisely using an electric trimmer than it is with a standard razor, which you’d use to remove the hair entirely.

You can usually find a good beard trimmer for $15-20 at most retail stores. They’ll come in a range of guard shapes and sizes, making it simple to maintain your mustache. 

4. Mustache care routine

Growing a mustache isn’t an excuse to neglect the skin beneath your beard. Maintaining a grooming and skincare program will not only preserve your mustache in top shape, but it will also keep your facial hair looking its finest. To get you started, here’s an easy skin care routine you can follow.

  • Cleanse Your Mustache

You’ll want to start with a face cleanser, regardless of your age. It’s always a good idea to cleanse your skin in the morning and evening to help remove debris and excess oils that have accumulated on its surface.

  • Protect and Moisturize

After cleansing, the next stage in your skincare routine should be moisturizing—in the morning, look for a moisturizer that contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more since this can help protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Apply After-Shave Products

Is your skin inflamed as a result of shaving? You could be doing your skin considerable harm if you rush out the door without using an after-shave balm.

5. Brush your mustache every day

Many men will notice unusual bends or curves in their beards as they grow out. A daily brushing combined with the use of Beard Dry Oil will help train the hairs to lay the way you desire, providing an even beard that does not require pruning. Many people also observe that when their beard grows longer and heavier, the curves flatten out. Brushing your mustache by using a beard comb or beard brush will always keep your mustache neat and admirable.

If you follow the above tips, I assure you that you are going to make your journey of growing a mustache easier. The best thing with a mustache is that you can wear it alone or combine it with your beard.