Long Beard Styles – How to Make Them Work for You

If you love growing facial hair, I will challenge you to go for the long beard styles at least once in your lifetime. Sporting long beards is the latest trend. More men are showing that it’s possible to grow facial hair to its greatest length and still look adorable than clean-shaven men!

What is a long beard?

long beard styles

Once your facial hair hits the 6-8 inches mark, it is termed a long beard. The length of these beards brings out masculinity from within. It can take you a year or more to grow the long beards. A well-maintained long beard shows how hygienic and committed you are, and it attracts many eyes.

Long beard styles to try

  1. The Yeard

If you can take the challenge of growing your beard for a whole year without trimming, you will achieve the yeard beard. The word is derived from a combination of the word year and beard, where you allow uninterrupted facial hair to grow for 365 days without shaving or excessive trimming. 

Minimal trimming to get rid of split ends and flyaway and keeping the beard in shape is allowed. Since your facial hair grows about ½ an inch every month, allowing it to grow for one year means you will have a beard of an average of 6 inches long.

  1. Tweed

Can you go for 2 years without trimming your beard? This is a long beard style you achieve after growing your beard for two solid years without shaving or trimming its length. By the end of the 2 years, your beard will be around 12 inches long. Both the read and the tweard a should be kept clean and conditioned to stay healthy.

  1. Terminal Beards

Your beard can never grow longer than it can get at its 6 years’ worth of full growth without trimming. Terminal beard is when your facial hair stops growing, and it can reach around 36 inches. Though beards grow differently, some can be longer or shorter by the time they stop growing.

  1. Garibaldi Beard style

This is one of the long beard styles where you allow your beard to grow to a length of 20cm (6-8) inches. Once it reaches that length, shape it at the bottom to get an attractive round shape. The mustache should connect to the rest of the beard, and the sides kept shorter. This style requires minimal trimming and maintenance as you allow the facial hair to grow naturally.

  1. Bandholz Beard

This is another long beard style you can rock. Unlike the Garibaldi that stops at 20 cm, here you allow the beard to grow freely. It features a mustache connected to the beard but should be trimmed regularly so that it does not fully cover your upper lip. It’s just like a yeard but with no trimming or shaping.

  1. Braided Beard

To rock the braided beard, you need to grow long beards that are enough to make a beard braid. Growing a long brandable beard shows how patient and persistent you are, some of the high valued qualities. 

There are also various braided beard styles that you can play with to get a new look every day. You can rock the long braided beard, short braided beard, Viking beard braid, double/forked beard, small side braid, multiple braids, beard bun, or the twisted beard.

How to make long beard styles work for you

For a long beard style to look awesome always and well-maintained, you need to use beard care products to maintain a healthy look and groom it to keep it in shape. Here are some tips to make the long beard styles work for you.

  • Washing

Long beard is susceptible to dirt and dandruff. Washing your long beard will always help maintain it clean, and it will get rid of beardruff. Use a quality beard wash and shampoo to get rid of dirt and other impurities buildup in your beard.

  • Conditioning

Use a beard conditioner after washing your beard to ensure that your facial hair remains soft and to nourish the skin underneath. The beard conditioner prevents your skin from getting flaky and your facial hair from getting wiry.

  • Apply beard oil

Beard oil moisturizes and softens your facial hair. It also moisturizes the skin beneath your beard to prevent it from flaking and irritating. A beard oil will keep your beard looking fuller, soft, healthy and leaves it with a lustrous shine.

  • Use Beard Balm

Beard balm moisturizes your beard and conditions and softens it, which makes it more manageable. Before brushing or combing your hair, apply the beard balm to soften your beard, which helps to prevent breakage.

  • Brushing and Combing

Brushing or combing your beard every day will keep it neat always. It helps to get rid of tangles and keep your beard smooth and looking fuller. Combing your beard every day trains your facial hair to grow in the right direction. This helps to prevent those ingrown painful beard hairs. It also helps to keep your beard clean by removing any food particles trapped in your beard. 

Combing or brushing your beard also helps in even distribution of your beard care products like oil and balm. By brushing your beard, you also exfoliate the skin underneath, which helps distribute natural oils to your beard, keeping it moisturized.

  • Trimming

Sporting a long beard style does not mean that you keep your beard trimmers and razors at bay. Even if the length is your priority, you are not growing a wild beard. You will have to keep it in shape and style it to different looks. Using a good beard trimmer will help you eliminate split ends and flyaways and maintain your long beard in good shape.


Long beards are one of the trendiest beard styles that you can sport. If you love challenging yourself, why not try some of these long beard styles? All you need is patience for your beard to reach about 6-8 inches which can take you a year, plus good beard care products to maintain a healthy beard. There are different long beard styles to choose from, and this article highlights how to make the styles work for you. Will you take up the challenge?