Tea Tree Oil for Beards – Which are the Best and How to Use Them

Tea tree oil for beards is one of the products you can use to stimulate the beard follicle and promote beard growth. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which act as a natural cleanser against bacterial infection that affects the beard follicles. When applied to your facial hair, the oil performs magic on the beard and skin underneath. 

What is Tea Tree Oil for Beards?

tea tree oil for beards

This is oil derived from the leaves of the tea tree plant. Traditionally the oil was used as herbal medicine, and it’s highly used in popular beauty products to treat acne and fungal infections. Tea tree oil is renowned for its association with beard growth. If you are dealing with a patchy beard or a slow beard growth, tea tree oil may be the product you need.

Advantages of using Tea Tree Oil on your beard

  • Stimulates blood flow

Probably your slow beard growth is caused by a lack of enough blood flow on your beard scalp. Applying tea tree oil stimulates and increases blood flow, which offers a suitable environment for the beard to grow faster.

  • Unclogs Pores

Tea tree oil for beards helps to unclog pores and hair follicles. This prevents infections that can slow beard growth.

  • It prevents beard dandruff and Itchiness

Beard dandruff and itchiness is a common problem everyone faces when they try to grow a beard.  Beardruff is caused by skin dryness and fungal infections. Tea tree oil helps in moisturizing the skin under your beard, which prevents dryness and treats fungal infections, thus reducing itchiness.

Best Tea Tree Oils for beards

  1. Eve Hansen Organic Tea Tree Oil

This is a high-quality tea tree oil for beards. This oil helps to prevent beardruff and itchiness. It moisturizes your beard and the skin underneath to prevent flaking and dryness. The oil helps to retain moisture in your beard, which keeps your beard looking healthy.

Key Features:

  • Completely undiluted oil
  • Vegan and cruelty-free oil
  • Reduces beardruff and itchiness
  • Lightweight oil that does not feel greasy

  1. HandCraft Blend Tea Tree Oil

This is a natural tea tree oil that will do magic to your beard. It has antiseptic and antifungal properties that help to get rid of acne on your beard scalp. It helps in shielding beard hair from bacteria that cause acne and infections that may hinder beard growth. 

The oil comes in a high-quality glass bottle to protect the oil against sunlight and a premium glass dropper to help you dispose of the right amount of oil you need without wastage. The oil also blends easily with many other essential oils.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a premium glass bottle and dropper
  • Prevents acne and spots on your beard scalp
  • It prevents buildup on your beard
  • Blends well with other essential oils

  1. Now Essential Oils Tea Tree Oil

This is a naturally derived oil extracted through steam distillation of leaves and twigs to maintain its high-quality staff. It is highly concentrated and 100% pure, and free from synthetic ingredients. It is one of the best tea tree oil for beards that stimulates growth and keeps itchiness and beardruff at bay.

Key Features:

  • 100% pure and undiluted
  • It has a warm spicy scent that leaves your beard smelling great
  • Multi-use tea tree oil
  • Keeps beardruff and itchiness at bay

  1. Naturenics Tea Tree Essential Oil

Naturenics tea tree oil offers a solution to your acne, face, hair, skin, and beard. It is a 100% pure organic tea tree derived using the traditional steam distillation method, making it exceptionally effective, highly concentrated, and pure.

 It helps in fighting acne, pimples, and beard spots. The oil conditions and moisturizes your beard to keep it soft and looking fuller and great. This tea tree oil for beards is also great at repelling dandruff. Say goodbye to beard itch and beardruff once you start using this oil.

Key Features:

  • Helps in fighting acne and spots
  • Moisturizes your beard to keep it soft
  • Repels beardruff
  • Promotes healthy beard growth

  1. Brisk Grooming Tea Tree Beard Oil

This is a fast-absorbing beard oil that is formulated to soften and tame dry and rough beard hair. It also helps the skin underneath to stay hydrated to prevent drying and itchiness. This ultra-light oil suits beards of all lengths and makes your beard look and feel healthy and soft.

Key Features:

  • Quick-absorbing oil that does not leave your beard greasy
  • It leaves your beard and skin smelling fresh
  • Keeps beard and the skin underneath hydrated
  • Keeps beard softer, smooth, and healthy

How to Use Brisk Grooming Tea Tree Beard Oil

  • Since this oil is formulated specifically for beard use, it should not be diluted like other tea tree oils.
  • Using the glass dropper, pour some beard oil drops on your palm
  • Rub your hands together and massage the oil on your facial hair and the skin underneath
  • Finish by combing or brushing your beard to distribute the oil evenly on the beard

How to use Tea Tree Oils for beards safely?

As much as tea tree oil is made from natural products, its high concentration can cause some side effects and thus should be used safely.

 To begin with, you should not use tea tree oil in its undiluted state. 

It should be diluted with other carrier oils like jojoba oil, argan, olive, almond, or coconut oil before use. While each oil has its unique benefit combining tea tree oil with other essential oils makes it an excellent blend for beard growth. 

Failure to dilute the tea tree oil may cause prolonged-lasting skin irritation and an intense burning sensation.

Make a beard oil combo by missing 2 tbsp of carrier oil with 2 drops of tea tree oil.

Before using tea tree oil on your beard, test a drop or two after diluting it on a small area on your skin and wait for 24hours to see if there are any reactions. This is quite important if you have sensitive skin.

Don’t let the oil touch your lips, and avoid ingesting it at all costs as it can cause throat infection and severe stomach pain. Also, avoid using tea tree oil for beards if you have eczema.

Depending on the length of your facial hair, put few drops of the tea tree oil for beards combo on your palm, rub your hands together and massage the oil on your beard and skin underneath. Use a beard comb to distribute the oil evenly on your beard.