Trim, Straighten, and Style Your Ducktail Beard

Once you decide to grow your beard, there are many beard styles you can select. It would be best if you choose a beard style that suits your face shape and one that you can easily take care of, maintain, and keep it groomed always. One of the popular beards styles you can go for is the ducktail beard.

This is a professional beard style, a variant of the full beard that gives you a sense of sophistication and masculinity.

What is a ducktail beard?

ducktail beard

It is a beard style that derives its name from its pointy shape that resembles a ducktail. Once you grow a full beard, trim the hair at the cheeks and jaws to keep it relatively short, leaving a long pointed chin hair. The beard is styled into a point that extends your chin and the jaw. The mustache is kept relatively short and neatly trimmed. Some variations of thickness and length of facial hair are allowed for the ducktail beard.

Which face shapes suit a ducktail beard?

Before choosing and beard style, you have to ensure it compliments your face shape. The ducktail beard style is best suitable for round, diamond, rectangular, oval face shapes. However, it is one of the safe beard styles that looks almost good on all face shapes, so don’t fear to try it.

Why choose a ducktail beard?

  • It’s Stylish

This is one of the stylish beards styles any man can rock. It speaks volumes about you and brings that sense of sophistication since it is one of the complicated beard styles to achieve and maintain. It shows the efforts and time you take to achieve and pull this stylish look.

  • Its Unique

The ducktail beard is a unique style that will make you stand out from the rest. Also, since it requires thick and enough facial hair growth, it is not the style for everyone.

How to grow a ducktail beard?

To get this styling and angular look, you need time to grow and shape your beard. It will take you about 4 months to grow a beard with enough volume and length to style this look. Since the main feature of a ducktail beard is the longer chin hair, you can trim your cheeks, mustache, and neck area as necessary to keep them short as you grow a full beard. It is easier to shape a long beard into a ducktail. So allow your beard to grow long enough. Once you achieve your desired length, it’s time to trim and shape it accordingly.

How to trim a ducktail beard?

You will need the following tools:

  1.  Start by brushing out your beard using a beard comb or brush to smooth and straighten all the facial hair. This helps you to see what length you are working with from all angles. You will need 3-5inches of chin hair to style the ducktail accordingly.
  2. Choose your style

There are different types of ducktail beards, and the style you choose will guide you on trimming the hair. Some prefer it long and others short. Some will opt for fuller cheekbones, and others will trim the cheek line lower to create a more angular shape.

  1. Shape a rough ducktail shape

With the heap of a beard shaper, carve out a rough ducktail shape. The chin hair should be the longest part of this style. Have several photos of the style you need to get inspiration from. Be steady with your trimmer so that you don’t mess up with the shape. The trick to having the best chin shape for this style is to start trimming your beard from the top part of your chin and have the direction of both sides meet at the center point of your chin to create a V shape. Trim hair on the side of your jaws to be shorter than the hair at the chin.

  1. Work on your neckline, cheekbone, and mustache

The neckline of a perfect ducktail is shaved clean up to the top of your dam’s apple. Shaving too far up to the chin will alter your look.

Trim your cheekbones and create a clear line on the upper cheeks. If you prefer to trim the cheek hair lower, you are not limited either. For your mustache, it should be neatly trimmed and well-kept. You can connect your mustache to the beard too.

  1. Maintain Your Ducktail Beard

Maintaining your ducktail beard is easy once you have created the right shape. Comb your beard regularly so that you can train your beard to grow towards your chin. Use your beard scissors to maintain the length of facial hair you want on your cheekbones, jaw, and chin. Do some weekly trims to maintain the shape and reshape the style in 3-4 weeks. Use beard oil and balms to keep your ducktail beard healthy, soft, and moisturized.

Types of ducktail beards

Long ducktail beard

This is the longest version of ducktail beard but should not exceed 12 inches, or else it will deviate from its shape. To maintain this style, you have to use beard care products like oils, balms, and waxes to keep your beard healthy.

Full ducktail beard

Do you have a straight beard that is thick and voluminous? This is your ideal ducktail beard style. Grow a full beard and have your barber or yourself shape it to get the ducktails. It’s among the most effortless styles to pull off.

Pointed ducktail beard

Unlike the classic ducktail beard with a rounded tip at the chin, the pointed ducktail has pointy chin hair. The pointed shape can be achieved by trimming the beard to a pointed shape or use beard balm or oil to shape the beards.

Bushy ducktail beard

This is low maintenance of the ducktail beard where more times between trims is allowed. Using a beard comb or brush every day for this style will keep it groomed despite its bushy state.


Ducktail beard is among the most fabulous beard styles. It can be shaped differently to create various sub-styles where you can choose one that suits you best. It is also a safe style that suits many facial shapes. Now that you know how to trim and style your ducktail beard go ahead and rock this style.