Want To Grow A Long Goatee? – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

The extended or long goatee mustache closely resembles the Hollywoodian beard, but has some of its own features to differentiate it.

It’s a mustache that extends into a beard, minus the sideburns. By adding sideburns, however, you would be able to boast a full bearded look!

Also known as a tailback beard, this combination of mustache and goatee offers definite benefits.

One of these advantages is the fact that it doesn’t require regular shaping and trimming, making it a good choice for those who aren’t confident in their grooming skills.

Is the Extended Goatee Right for You?

This goatee looks exceptionally well on those with a long or oblong face shape. Like most goatee styles, the long goatee works with most facial shapes.

It’s also a great choice for you if the facial hair growth on your cheeks tends to come in looking scanty or patchy.

Like the Fu Manchu mustache, or the handlebar mustache, the long goatee is one of the best mustache styles of today.

Of course, before committing yourself to any beard style, it’s important to make sure that you’ll be giving off the right message about yourself to the people you encounter on a daily basis.

Extended Goatee

After all, a beard – or mustache – is a great way to express yourself, and you wouldn’t want to do so in a way you didn’t intend to. So, without further ado, here is what an extended goatee would say about you:

Men with long goatees are more daring than those who sport full goatees or even classic goatees.

They don’t want to go for the full bearded look, while also rejecting the idea of being confided to the regular goatee style. It’s even a good option for the office, as long as you don’t keep it too scruffy.

How to Get a Long Goatee

Ready to start sporting your long goatee? Then let’s get started with going over how to trim your mustache.

The first step is, of course, to grow out your beard to a suitable length that you’re happy with. From there, it’s time to start grooming.

Get started by getting your hands on the best choice beard trimmer and the best comb for mustache grooming.

Then, create your goatee outline using a shaver and beard shaping tool to work your way around your cheeks and chin.

You’ll likely want to start the outline approximately an inch above the Adam’s apple.

This may prove to be too long, but you’ll be able to shorten it later. It’s better to leave the goatee too long than too short and have to wait for it to grow back.

And there you have it! Add any finishing touches as you see fit and finish off with a quick style with mustache wax! Then you’re ready to show off your new long goatee to the world.