What to Do About Your Patchy Beard Growth

Having a patchy beard growth may not be as luscious as having a full, thick, healthy beard. But at least you have a beard, right? Beards are not created equal, and some people have it easy while growing a full beard. 

To others, growing a full beard is a struggle, especially when the rate of facial hair growth pattern is not the same. This leads to having a disconnected beard. The fact that the beard is there is motivation enough to embrace it and look for remedies for patchiness rather than giving up. 

patchy beard growth

So, what is a patchy beard?

Patchy beard growth is when your facial hair grows unevenly and can either be in small or large sections, especially on your cheeks and chin. A patchy beard is one of the common reasons why most people shave their beards. The good thing is that you can make your patchy beard appear fuller.

What causes patchy beard growth?

Common reasons that may cause your beard to grow unevenly and sparse include:


Genetics plays a significant role in your hair and beard growth genes. If people from your family have thick full beards, then the chances are high that you can grow one too. The sad thing about genetics is that you can’t change it. If it is the root cause of your patchy beard growth, don’t fret yet. You still can make the patchy beard appear fuller.


In your 20s or younger, your beard is not fully developed, and it tends to grow in patches. During this age, your facial hair may not be full and thick.

Low levels of beard growth hormones

Your facial hair growth is determined by the levels of male hormones (DHT) and testosterone.  If the levels of these hormones is low, you might experience patchy beard growth.

Lack of exercise, not getting enough sleep, poor nutrition and stress

All these affect the DHT and testosterone hormone productions that regulate beard growth and may result in patchy beard growth.

What to do about your patchy beard growth

Let it grow

Letting your beard grow is one of the easiest ways to deal with patchiness. Facial hair grows at different speeds. Having an empty patch means the beard can grow when given an opportunity. So, stop trimming your beard every time it gets to a certain length. Some areas will be full in a week, and others will take time.

Another thing to remember is that the cheeks area is known to have poor blood circulation, unlike areas around your mouth. This explains the slow growth of the beard on your cheek areas. Let your beard grow without trimming and see if the patchy area will fill in. Also, longer facial hair will help you cover noticeable patches as they get lost underneath the rest beard.

Use these beard growth oils

Yoobeaul Beard Growth Oil

Using beard growth oil is one way to solve patchy beard growth. The Yoobeaul beard oil nourishes your beard and helps it to grow at an optimal rate. This beard growth oil is made of all-natural ingredients that nourish your beard and stimulates fuller facial hair growth. This oil is suitable for all bead types, whether coarse, curly, wavy, or straight. The oil moisturizes your beard and the skin underneath, providing a suitable environment for beard growth. It helps to get rid of beard dandruff and soothe itchy skin.

Key Features:

  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all beard types
  • Stimulates beard growth 
  • Gets rid of beard dandruff

XT Growther Beard Oil

If you want to get rid of patchy beard growth, use XT Growther beard oil. This is a tested and proven beard oil to grow longer, fuller, ad healthier beard faster. It is a natural conditioning and moisturizing oil that moisturizes the facial hair to reduce breakage split ends and prevent beardruff. It suits all beard types and has a pleasant fresh scent.

Key Features:

  • Helps to grow a fuller beard faster
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles and moisturizes the beard and the skin
  • Has essential oils that thicken hair and stimulate hair growth
  • Comes with a pleasant fresh scent
  • Gentle enough for daily use

The Gentlemen’s Premium Beard Oil

This is a 100% organic and natural beard oil that promotes a healthy and fuller beard. It is all you need to fill in those annoying patchy spots on your beard. It is formulated with essential oils that nourish your beard, give it a smooth, shiny appearance, and make your beard appear fuller and thicker. This beard oil softens coarse and abrasive beards making them more manageable and easy to groom. It also gets rid of beardruff and beard itch. 

Key Features:

  • Fragrances-free
  • Promotes fuller and healthier beard growth
  • Prevents beard itch and beard dandruff
  • Softens and strengthens beards

Wash your beard with Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

Facial hair may carry many impurities like dust, food, debris and dandruff. Washing your beard can promote healthy and new growth of hair that can help fix patchiness. This beard wash helps you to get rid of buildup around the hair follicles that can inhibit new growth. It is formulated with aloe leaf juice that softens and hydrates the facial hair and skin underneath.

Key Features:

  • Relieves itch and flakes
  • Cleans and hydrates beards
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Promotes healthy and new growth of facial hair

Use a beard brush

Do you know that brushing your beard increases the blood circulation flow of the skin underneath? A good circulation of blood promotes beard growth resulting in fuller and thicker hair which can help to fill in patchy spots. Also, a beard brush lifts the facial hairs to increase volume, which can help cover up the patches if the beard is long enough.

Try the beard brush by ZilberHaar

This is a beard brush made with quality stiff boar bristles and pearl wood. It untangles your beard, removes debris, and exfoliates the skin underneath, which helps to reduce beard itch and keep your beard straight. The brush has boar bristles positioned at varying angles, giving it an uneven length to reach beards of all lengths. Brushing your beard daily with this brush promotes uniform beard growth and trains your beard to grow in the right directions, which helps cover patches.

Key Features:

  • The brush is available in different inches to select one that suits your beard length.
  • Made of natural boar bristles that reduce beard itch
  • Promotes the growth of a healthy and fuller beard
  • Prevents ingrown hairs and proves an even beard growth

Condition your beard with a beard balm

Wiry, dry, and frowzy facial hair can be the cause of a patchy beard. A beard balm helps to tame stubborn facial hairs and improve their overall appearance allowing you to style the longer beards over the patchy spots, which will make them hardly noticeable.

Beard Bold XL

This is a beard growth stimulation balm formulated with nourishing ingredients and essential oils that promote facial hair growth. It is infused with caffeine that maximizes the stimulation of beard growth. Whether it’s slow growth, patchy beard growth, or a sparse mustache, this beard balm will help you achieve maximum beard growth and volume. It helps to condition and style your facial hair while minimizing beard itch.

  • Key Features:
  • Has no fragrances
  • Stimulates facial hair growth to fill in patches and sparse mustaches
  • Strengthens your beard and minimizes itch
  • Conditions your beard and keeps it healthy

Use a beard trimmer

Getting your beard to a more uniform length can help reduce the patch beard growth appearance. You can also trim flyways and areas with sparse hairs like the cheeks, which will give the appearance of a fuller beard.

Surprent Adjustable Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer comes with 19 adjustable lengths setting in 0.5mm to suit beards of all lengths. It helps you to manage an even length of your beard so that patches are less noticeable. It uses a powerful motor with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades for fast trimming. Its high-capacity lithium battery can provide up to 90 minutes of runtime, which is more than enough to offer multiple trimming sessions.

Key Features:

  • Removable blades that are easy to clean
  • Large capacity battery with a running time of 90 minutes
  • 19 adjustable dial lengths to suit beards of all lengths
  • USB charging


If you have patchy beard growth, you should work on filling in the spots and making the most of your beard. By allowing the facial hair to grow, stimulating faster growth using beard growth oils and balms, brushing the beard, and trimming it, your beard should begin to take a fuller shape. Combining this with eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and living a stress-free life will help to fix patchy beard growth.