Growing and Maintaining a Short Boxed Beard

Do you fancy rocking a full beard but have a distaste for its ruggedness and bushy volume? The short boxed beard should be your go-to style.

This is a hot and attractive beard style that you can wear. The best thing is that it goes well with a variety of haircuts and occasions.

It is a formal beard style acceptable in the corporate world and still gives a well-groomed appearance out of the office.

What is a short boxed beard style?

boxed beard

The boxed beard is simply a trimmed version of the full classic beard. It is a neatly cropped beard to keep a neat appearance that is easily recognizable by its short length and carefully distinct contours.

It comprises full-face facial hair with sharp well-groomed sharp lines and edges. This gives it the appearance of angular box edges around your jawline, thus its name.

The beard is closely cropped, groomed and sculptured according to your facial hair natural growth. This results in a neat finish ideal for the most workplace environment. 

This style uses your natural face hairline for contours, heightening your angular features; thus, no excessive styling is required. The hair on your cheek line is groomed to provide emphasis and elevate your cheekbones. 

The truth is, there is no universal styling guide on how to shape the beard. However, the typical boxed beard style features a cheek line that is either straight or have an angular step cut. The neckline is situated 1 inch above the Adam’s apple, unlike other beard styles.

The unique thing about the short boxed beard style is that all the facial hair is trimmed down to an even length, usually a half-inch. This gives it a clean and sharp look that is slightly longer, not termed stubble.

Types of boxed beard styles

There are three boxed beard styles, all differentiated by size. They include:

The short boxed beard style

This is the most common among the box beard styles. It entails growing and maintaining a full beard at half an inch length. It is the perfect style for people who work in corporate jobs. Regular trimming of your beard helps you to rock this style effortlessly.

The medium boxed beard style

This is achieved when you grow a full beard to the length of 1-2 inches. It is a cleaner sort of the full beard.

Long boxed beard style

Also known as the square beard, this style requires you to grow a full beard of 4 and above inches in length. If an extra volume of facial hair does not bother you, you can rock this style.

How to grow a short boxed beard

Ideally, having the short boxed beard style entails trimming a full beard. So, it would be best if you allowed your beard to grow undisturbed for 2-4 weeks, depending on how fast it grows.

You can use beard oil  like the Honest Amish to accelerate the growth of your beard. If your facial hair grows super-fast, you can start the styling process in two weeks.

If you want to achieve a fuller volume, go for a month without trimming your beard.

Styling a box beard

Styling a boxed beard entails trimming and sculpting areas around your neck, chin, and cheeks.

You need to determine your cheek line and neckline depending on your face shape. This will help you style your boxed beard accordingly.

You can style this look in two ways- the high box beard style or the low boxed beard style; all that differs in the variations of the cheek line.

The high box style is when the cheek line is left high as it naturally grows. It connects with the sideburns curving slightly at the base of your ears, connecting with the corners of your mouth.

This is the better-looking version of the box beard style. It works best if your upper cheeks have enough hair volume and density.

The low box style consists of a cheek line that is cropped lower than it naturally grows. It runs down the sideburns and meets at the top of your chin. This style is ideal if you have a patchy beard on your upper cheeks.

How to trim a short boxed beard

With a bit of practice and the right tools, trimming the short boxed beard shouldn’t be hard. You need the following tools:

Follow these steps:

  • Start by cleansing and combing your beard with a beard brush
  • Using your beard trimmer, cut down the longer facial hair
  • Use a beard trimmer to define straight or curbed cheek line contours
  • Using your safety razor, shape your jawline, cheek line, and goatee
  • Shave the neck area clean starting an inch above the Adam’s apple
  • Trim your moustache and soul patch and shave any excesses
  • Trim all the facial hair left to an even ½ inches length
  • Apply beard oil to moisturize the beard and skin underneath
  • Finish by combing your hair to get a neat appearance

Maintaining a short boxed beard

Once you decided to grow a boxed beard, you need to make sure it stays healthy. 

Maintaining a short boxed beard is easy. You only have to trim it and keep it at a half-inch size. You can do this twice a week.

Your beard also requires to be moisturized regularly to protect the skin underneath and prevent itchiness and beard dandruff.

Use a beard oil like the Beard Farmer to keep your beard hydrated and give it a gorgeous, lustrous shine.

Apply the beard oil or balm after washing your face and massage it gently on the facial hair and the skin underneath. It helps to keep your beard softer and healthier and the skin beneath.

What face shape is ideal for the short boxed beard?

Your face shape plays a significant role to determine the beard style to wear.

The good thing is that the box beard style is a versatile facial hairstyle compatible with any face shape. It is thus considered a universally safe beard style. It works unusually well on people with diamond or square face shapes.


The short boxed beard style is an up-to-the-minute beard style a man can rock.

It is a simple style that makes a statement without trying too hard. The style is easy to grow and maintain and also works with all face shapes.

This style is also compatible with most haircut styles, and it’s ideal for both corporate and non-formal environments. Use the tips above to grow, style, and maintain the boxed beard.