9 Ways to Treat an Itchy Beard

Having an itchy beard can get crazy. It can make you abort the mission of growing your beard after growing it for a while because the itch can be unbearable. 

Ask any man who has a full-grown beard, and they will tell you that the dreaded beard itch is a common thing. The good thing is that it is temporary, and there is a treatment for it.

So, don’t be a “beard drop out” yet before trying the recommended treatment. Also, avoid scratching the itchy beard as it can worsen the situation.

Two types of beard itch occur in different growth phases.

The virgin beard itch

This is the itchiness that occurs on new beards and can occur in just two weeks or a month of growing your beard from a clean-shaven state. It is the worst itching that you can experience during your beard growth stages.

Itchiness on grown and full beards

This itchiness occurs after your beard has fully grown and it is more mature and bushier.

What causes beard itch?

Beards that have just started to grow are prone to itchiness. If you have been clean shaven for a long time now, your skin is used to be hair-free.

Regular shaving of facial hair leaves a sharper edge to each hair follicle, making it coarse. This explains why stubble hair feels rough when touched. When you start growing your beard, the coarse hair with sharp edges scrapes against the edges of the hair follicles, causing an itchy stubble. 

The coarse hair also breaking through the skin can result in inflammation and dryness. This is another recipe that causes itchiness all over your facial hair.

Hair follicles can also start to curl back instead of growing outwards. These ingrown hairs make your follicles to be inflamed, which can cause irritation, blemishes, and itchiness.

When you experience itching on a fully grown beard, it has to do with the skin underneath other than the hair itself. The skin underneath may be dry or flaky, which can cause itching. Also, dead skin cells, beard dandruff, accumulation of sebum, dust, bacteria, and grime can irritate.

Whatever the cause of itching and stage, an itchy beard can be uncomfortable. The itchiness can range from mild to severe. Don’t let itchiness and irritation be the hindrance to growing your dream beard.

Here are nine ways to treat an itchy beard.

1. Use The Gentlemen’s Beard Wash

The number one way to prevent an itchy beard is to keep it clean. Use a beard wash or shampoo to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells that may trigger irritation. 

The Gentlemen’s beard wash and shampoo soothe irritation and eliminate flaking. This beard wash reduces dandruff by moisturizing and hydrating your beard. 

It is made with organic ingredients like Argan seed oil and aloe leaf extract that locks in the natural oils to keep your beard and skin underneath moisturized.

It has a fresh, clean, manly scent that leaves your beard smelling fresh. Using this beard wash daily will keep your beard healthy, soft and prevent itching.

2. Use Viking Revolution Beard Conditioner

Viking revolution beard conditioner will help to nourish your beard and the skin underneath. It prevents your facial skin from getting flaky, which prevents itchiness.  

This formula hydrates and softens your beard, giving it a healthy shine and appearance. This beard conditioner moisturizes your beard to keep it well hydrated.

 It is infused with natural beard oil to moisturize your beard and the skin underneath deeply. This conditioner is ideal for all types and lengths of beards and has a sandalwood scent that leaves your facial hair smelling amazing. 

It softens your beards and makes them less prone to irritate the skin and more manageable, especially if they are long and full.

3. Use Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil for Moisturizing

After washing and conditioning your beard, keeping it moisturized will ensure it stays itch-free. The Honest Amish Classic beard oil gives you all-day hydration. 

This beard oil will keep the skin hydrated since the skin underneath your beard is prone to dryness, dandruff, and irritation. Healthy skin equals a healthy beard.

The beard oil is enriched with essential oils like jojoba, argan, sweet, almond, avocado, pumpkin seed, and apricot oil. It softens your beard and keeps it itch-free.

4. Use the Rocky Mountain Barber Beard Balm

This beard balm is the solution you need to an itchy beard.

It hydrates and conditions beards of all lengths. It is formulated with jojoba oil, shea butter, and grapeseed oil that keeps your skin and beard hydrated and helps alleviate the itch. 

Use the balm to add shape and shine to your beard. It keeps your beard softer, and you will experience more minor flakes.

The balm helps to style and control your beard without weighing it down or leaving it feeling too greasy or oily. It also has a wonderful scent.

5. Use the Cremo Cedar Forest Beard Scruff and Softener

This beard softener soothes dryness and prevents an itchy beard.

It softens and conditions even the coarsest beard leaving a super-soft beard. It is formulated with powerful moisturizers and conditioners that penetrate through the facial hair to soften it inside out.

 It is ideal for facial hair of all lengths. It also promotes growth and keeps your beard looking healthy. The formula is lightly scented to leave you with a fresh, long-lasting, clean scent.

6. Use Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Intensive Repair

Using harsh soaps or heat styling can damage your beard and cause an itchy beard.

Damaged facial hair follicles can slow down the growth of your beard and irritate. This beard repair product heals and repairs the damaged beard hair, which helps to stop beard itch.

It is made with amino acids and meadow foam seed oil that locks in moisture to prevent dryness while adding shine to your beard.

It restores, rejuvenates, and softens coarse facial hair in minutes. Its light lemon-lime scent leaves your beard smelling fresh.

7. Trim your beard with Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer

Once your beard is fully grown, regular trimming helps to keep it itch-free. Trimming helps to get rid of damaged hair and excesses that can cause itching. This Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer helps you get rid of unruly hairs and maintain the beard in good shape. 

The trimmer comes with 19 adjustable blade settings to offer personalized trimming and sculpting. It has a rubberized ergonomic grip that offers maximum comfort and allows you to trim effortlessly. 

You can use the trimmer with wet and dry hair, which makes it convenient. Its blades are ultra-sharp and will cut even the densest and unruly hair.

8. Brush Your Beard with Seven Potions Beard Brush

Brushing your beard reduces itching and scratching. It also removes knots and tangles and trains your beard to grow in the same direction. 

The Seven Potions Beard Brush is made with 100% first-cut boar bristles. The bristles come with proper density and are stiff enough to tame even the unruliest beard.

The brush carries natural oil from your skin to the entire hair strands. This keeps your facial hair soft and adds shine. 

The brush gets rid of beard dandruff and removes all impurities on the beard. The brush comes in an oval pearwood body that fits perfectly in your palm.

This makes facial hair grooming effortless and leaves your beard shiny and clean. You can also use this brush to apply balms and oils to your beard and to spread them evenly.

9. Comb Your Beard with Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

This is a dual-sided wooded comb with both fine and coarse teeth to suit all beard lengths. It is in a small zine that fits in your pocket to groom your beards on the go. 

The comb is made with all-natural sandalwood material. It is a lightweight grooming comb to use on both beards and mustaches.

It offers irritation-free detangling and styling and keeps your beard neat, and prevents itchy beard. It comes with a carrying case for easy storage.