5 Of the Best Straight Beard Styles

Do you have a straight beard? As you already know, facial hair can either grow straight, curly, kinky, or wavy. Putting the beard wars aside on which one is better among the four, what matters most is how you take care, style, and maintain your beard no matter the type.

Having a straight beard though is an advantage. It quickly outgrows other beard types, and it’s easier to maintain.

What is a straight beard?

straight beard

This is a beard type that grows downwards in a vertical direction. A straight beard will appear about three times longer than an equally timed curly beard. It does not loop on itself, thus growing the longest and fastest. Achieving longer lengths with a straight beard also comes more naturally than other beard types.

Many beard styles will also suit the straight beard types, and you can experiment with different beard styles to get one that looks great on you and make it your signature facial hairstyle. Here is a list of the 5 best straight beard styles that you can rock.

Straight beard style #1 – the Bandholz beard

This is a style of the full beard that was popularized by the beard expert Eric Bandholz. It is a head-turner and a female magnet as it’s one of the most attractive and charming beard styles for men. 

This unique beard style features a mustache that is connected to a full beard. The mustache is brushed to the sides to add texture, and you must groom it regularly to prevent hair from passing over the upper lip.

Growing this beard style requires a lot of patience. You need to grow your facial hair for 6 months at the very least without trimming it. You should allow the beard to grow freely until it reaches its maximum length. Since the style features an impressive length, it suits straight beards because achieving the longer length will come more naturally.

During the first 4 months, your beard may appear patchy and unkempt.  You can trim the cheeks and neckline to keep it in shape and comb the beard to keep it neat.

 Also, use natural beard oil to strengthen your beard and enhance its growth. Once you are satisfied with its length, you can start to trim and shape your beard.

Straight beard style #2 – Van Dyke

This is one of the most elegant beard styles a man can rock and goes well with a straight beard. It entails a combination of a mustache and a goatee with clean, shaved cheeks, neck, and sideburns. 

You need to wait for your beard to grow a bit longer to style this look. Leave the mustache to grow and wait for the beard on the chin to grow for about 2 inches.

With the help of a good trimmer, shape the beard in the chin region occasionally until it achieves the desired V shape. The mustache and chin beard should be kept separate and disconnected at the corners. 

The cheeks are shaved clean and smooth, with no sideburns, neither are there connecting hairs leading to the upper lip. This cool beard style brings all the attention to the mustache and chin beard.

Though this style was way popular in the 18th century, it has made a comeback with modern variations to make it look more trendy. You can style this beard look differently and still proudly rock that Van Dyke style.

Straight beard style #3 – Garibaldi beard style

If you have a straight beard and you are looking for a slightly unkempt beard style to rock, then Garibaldi should be your go-to style. This is a masculine and attention-grabbing look with a broad and full beard that has a rounded bottom paired with a mustache.

Generally, for this style, your beard length should not be 7-8 inches or 20 cm. You have to allow your beard to grow naturally with minimal trimming to achieve this length. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, it may take you about 3-4months of growing your beard without trimming to achieve its recommended length. 

Trim the cheeks and mustache areas once in a while and leave the beard on the chin area to grow naturally. Once it gets to 20cm, trim the bottom of the beard to give it a round appearance. Ensure you keep the mustache neatly groomed. It should be kept at a shorter length but connecting to the beard. This style compliments most face shapes and entails minimal trimming and maintenance.

Straight beard style #4 – short boxed beard

If you love the classic full beard style but dislike its length, volume, and ruggedness, the short boxed beard style will suit you. It is a type of full beard carefully trimmed with sharp lines and contours around your jawline, giving it a shape like that of a box.

The ideal lengthen of your beard for this style should be about ¾ inches, maintaining neatly trimmed sides.

It is a neat beard style that suits many workplace environments, and its exceptionally versatile and complementary to a variety of haircuts. You will require frequent trimming to maintain the neat finish of this beard style about three to four times a week. 

Grooming this style will require a little skill, and you can opt for the high boxed style or the low boxed style.

Straight beard style #5 – Balbo beard

This classic beard style lacks sideburns but has a trimmed mustache that does not connect to the chin beard. This look is styled best from a full beard. You have to grow your beard without trimming for 4 weeks to achieve enough length to trim to this style. 

You can leave the beard extending to your jawline on both sides but do away with the sideburns and include a small soul patch. This style is versatile, with many variations done to suit current trends. It also works nearly any face shape making it an ideal straight beard style for most people.


Having a straight beard means you have limitless beard styles to try. Most beard styles work great with a straight beard, especially those that require you to grow a longer beard as you can easily achieve it. This list of the best straight beard styles will give you an idea of the style you should rock.