Cool Beards for Men This Year

While women use makeup to transform their facial appearance, men have facial hair to style into cool beards to alter their appearance. Sporting a beard can give you a more masculine and mature look. 

While traditional men grew their beards as a sign of wealth and status, today, beards are grown as a sartorial statement and showcasing one’s sense of fashion.

cool beards

While there is a sheer variety of beard styles, designs, shapes, and sizes, you can experiment; few factors determine the beard style you pick. Consider your face outline, the pattern of facial hair growth, and your persona.

Not every beard style will suit you. As a matter of fact, there is always a great style you can rock to accentuate and flatter your best features.

The good thing is that with beard styles, you can experiment as much as you want until you find that style that makes you look good and feel awesome. Once you find that cool beard style, you can make it your signature look.

With hundreds of beard styles out there, we have compiled a list of cool beards for men this year that you can pair with your haircut.

Full Beard

Lumberjack beard

This is and continues to be the most popular cool beard any man can rock.

It is a classic style that can show how bold and assertive you are.  It suits people with thick and full facial hair. To pull off this style, you need a little patience to allow your beard to grow fully without trimming.

It also calls for extra maintenance and care for it to look healthy and admirable. 

You will need to use beard care products like beard oil, conditioner, and brush to keep your beard well-groomed. 

The best thing with a full beard style is that you get to decide the size that suits you. Grow a full beard to a length that you’re comfortable with and suits your personality, style, and attitude.

Corporate beard

corporate beard - cool beard styles

This is a cool beard style for professionals and those working in a corporate environment.

This style entails maintaining a cross-cropped beard at a length of ½-1 inches.

The beard has to be well-manicured, with the neck area clean shaved to make a well-defined line below the chin.

The mustache must connect evenly with the beard. Regular grooming is required to maintain this style tidy.

Short boxed beard

boxed beard

This is more of the corporate beat but with angular variations.

It has a little more length around the chin, creating well-defined sharper edges that resemble a box.

The cheek line is carefully trimmed together with the neckline that appears one inch above Adam’s apple.

This is a cool beard style that suits all face types though people with oval and oblong faces will pull off this style really well.

Chinstrap beard

If you don’t love to grow a full beard, you can try the chinstrap style.

This is a cool beard style that entails growing a sideburn that extends down to the chin. The cheeks are clean-shaven, and a long soul patch extends down to connect with the chin.

The mustache is left, and the neck area is cleanly shaved with a neckline trimmed too high.

This is a great style for people with patchy cheek hair.

Hollywood beard

This is a cool beard style that is sported by many Hollywood artists.

This style entails cropping the cheek line lower than its normal place to create a more prominent jawline. Let the beard connect with the sideburns and leave the mustache.

This style is ideal for people with patchy cheeks and finds it hard to fill the cheeks. It is not only for actors, and anybody can rock this style.

Short beard

short beard style - cool beards

This is a cool beard style for guys with oval or round faces.

It helps to accentuate your cheekbones. It entails growing a full beard only that it does not have length. If long beards don’t work for you, this is the style you should go for.

It is an easy-to-maintain style that requires regular trimming on the cheeks and neck. Comb your beard neatly to ensure that the facial hair remains polished.

To rock this style, grow your beard for a few weeks or months to get enough length that you can trim to a short beard.

Pointy beard

This is a facial hair style achieved by leaving more length on your chin to create a pointed beard.

Grow dense beard on the jawline that connects to the chin and trim it to a point.

It is a great style, especially if you want to make your face appear longer and leaner.

Fade beard style

This is one of the cool beard styles that are popular in 2021.

This is a unique and up-to-the-minute look obtained by shaving a clean line on the cheek that diminishes down to the jawline. Wearing a faded beard helps you to add style to your facial hair.

This versatile style allows you not to keep all your facial hair in the same length. It can also be tapered differently to suit your haircut and head shape.

The beard is left with an arced chin strap and the goatee.

The goatee beard style

goatee styles

This style of beard has a small beard that elongates the chin.

The sideburns, cheek, and jawline are cleanly shaved, leaving only the mustache and well-defined lines on the two corners of your mouth connecting the mustache to the chin.

This classy look is for anyone who wants to look presentable without letting go of all their facial hair. It is a cool beard style for people with oval and round face shapes.

Allowing hair on the chin to grow longer lengthens any face shape.


stubble - cool beard styles

In the early 90s, the stubble beard wasn’t recognized as a cool beard style like it is today.

In fact, it showed that a man way lazy to shave their beard. This is one of the easiest styles to pull off because you o0nly have to stop shaving your beard for a few days.

It is also easy to maintain and is ideal for most face shapes. If you find it hard to grow a thick and full beard, this should be your go-to style. Keep it neat and trimmed to an optimum length.

Corona beard

corona style - cool beards

With the corona pandemic, most people are now working from home.

This means that you don’t have to pull off a presentable look of your facial hair. During quarantine and working from home, most men said no to razors. 

This is a cool beard style to try this year, where you just let your beard grow without touching it. Leave the neckline and cheek line as they are without trimming. Just let the beard be.