How to Grow Your Own, Real, Santa Beard?

Christmas is approaching, so why not get into the holiday mood by growing a Santa beard? Are you wondering how to grow your own Santa beard faster? Do not worry. You have arrived at the right location. 

Growing a full magnificent beard can be challenging. Just because you can grow a full head of hair doesn’t mean you can also grow a Santa beard or mustache.

santa beard

When it comes to growing beard, most guys face a few issues like beard itch and patchiness. However, it is possible to grow a full beard quickly and organically, but it demands a certain level of commitment. 

Nearly anyone can grow a fashionable, good-looking Santa beard with the appropriate beard growth techniques and regimen.

 If you’re trying to grow and style a Santa beard, these tips will likely come in handy.

1. Eat well and give your beard the vitamins it needs

If you see that you are not obtaining a complete beard during this beard growth process, there’s a likelihood that you lack enough vitamins and minerals in your diet that enhance beard growth. The strength of Santa’s beard and hair go hand in hand. If you consume a healthy and nutritious diet, you can grow a full beard effortlessly.

Eating well and giving your beard the vitamins it needs will result to a thicker beard similar to that of Santa.  Eating meals high in vitamins and minerals helps you achieve a high rate of facial hair growth.

2. Accelerate the growth of your beard hair

You need to use products like beard oil and balms, that helps to promote beard growth and exfoliate your beard skin so that to accelerate the growth of facial hair. Exfoliating the skin underneath your beard helps top remove all the dead skin cells from that area that inhibit hair growth.

3. Keep your beard trimmer at bay

Men tend to stop growing beards just as they reach the ‘fun’ stage. When you’re growing Santa beard, you’ll reach a point where it starts to itch and gets bothersome. The pessimist in most men simply shaves his whiskers off at this point. You must commit to letting your beard grow for at least 4-6 weeks before allowing any trimmer near it if you want the beard of your dreams.

4. Keep your beard moisturized

You probably don’t use conventional face soap on your hair, so why would you use it on your Santa beard? They’re both hairs, and hair requires the use of shampoo. There are many great beard–specific shampoos out there that use certain botanicals to soften and prevent your Santa beard from drying out. Make sure you enjoy the scent of any shampoo you choose to use.

5. Take care of your santa beard

Maintaining the softness of your Santa beard is essential. A scratchy, dry Santa beard will make you feel uneasy, and the only way to avoid it is to use a beard conditioner. An excellent beard conditioner will keep your beard moisturized and healthy.

6. Lubricate your beard

Oiling your Santa beard softens it more than a beard conditioner does. It also has the added benefit of preventing the dreaded beard dandruff. Your beard will also smell great if you use good beard oil.

How often should you apply oil to your beard?

  • Use it regularly if you live in a dry climate or have dry skin or hair.
  • Use it 2-3 times per week if you have oily skin or hair or live in a humid environment.
  • Apply less frequently if you feel oily buildup or your beard becomes greasy.

7. Disinfects it

Food, sweat, sneezing, and various other factors can cause Santa beards to get quite filthy. As a result, it’s critical to use a measured antibacterial beard balm when washing your Santa beard. This will soften your beard further while also killing all microscopic bacteria.

8. Massage the beard

You are not required to trim your beard every day. You can grow and keep a bigger beard. Simply apply beard oils to your beard. Apply and rub them gently. Also use a beard comb to help distribute the oil evenly in your facial hair. This oiling will assist in the growth of your beard hair.

9. Change your lifestyle

A healthy way of living is good for the mind, body, soul, and beard. If you haven’t already, try these easy tricks to get your beard back on track. When you’re relaxed, your Santa beard grows faster. Exercising once a day, whether it’s going for a stroll, hitting the gym, or attending a local yoga session, is a fantastic way to relax.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep aids in the restoration of damaged skin cells and the growth of beards.

  • Vices

Reduce your weekly alcohol consumption by replacing it with water and reduce your smoking intake by substituting with fruits. When you’re hydrated, your body performs better because it moves nutrients around your body, encouraging hair development.

10. Grow your beard to its fullest potential

You must ensure that your beard reaches the maximum length possible. Also, for at least three weeks, refrain from shaving or trimming it. After that, you’re ready to give your Santa beard a nice trim. As soon as you realize you’ve reached your maximum and intended length.

Then cut and trim your beard’s edges. Use one of the best beard shaping and trimming tools to trim your Santa beard correctly.

11. Bleaching your beard white

Above all, bleaching your beard white is a critical stage that you must perform. If your beard is black or another color, you won’t achieve the authentic Santa look. Bleaching your beard is therefore necessary. We’ll show you how to turn your beard white for Christmas in this article. Many people are indeed apprehensive of having their beards totally bleached.

They believe that bleaching their beards will ruin and impair the texture of their healthy beards. As a result, opt for high-quality beard bleach that is less harmful.

12. Apply bleach to your beard and mustache

 You must complete the bleach application process correctly to achieve the Santa beard style. It’s critical to bleach both your Santa beard and mustache to have a fully white beard.