The Hollywoodian Beard – what is it and how to grow yours

Also known as the extended goatee, the Hollywoodian beard was a common style for Hollywood movie stars in the golden era of televisions.

This is a classic beard style that gives you that vintage feel and a sense of sophistication. The style is making a comeback, and this time, not on TV screens, but many people are rocking this stylish beard.

What is the Hollywoodian Beard?

hollywoodian beard

This is a beard that combines a goatee and a mustache. It is not far from a full beard but lacks sideburns and has lowly-cut upper cheeks to create a more prominent jawline.

It is a fashionable full beard that is styled to look unique from the classic full beard. It’s a style meant to emphasize your jawline while accentuating your other facial features.

The length of this beard style can vary, but typically it is 1-2 inches long. It also includes a cleanly shaved neck that is not trimmed too high.

The Hollywoodian beard is ideal for people who don’t fill the cheek and sideburns hair easily and if you want to heighten your jawline and add a little more length.

What are the different Hollywoodian Beard styles?

You can style your beard with small variations, and still qualify to be a Hollywoodian beard.

In all these styles, you are allowed to play with your mustache as you please. You can trim it short or grow it long. Shape it differently to find what works best for you.

The common Hollywoodian styles are:

Strict Hollywoodian

This is the novel definition of the Hollywoodian beard that entails keeping your sideburns and cheeks clean-shaven.

The length of the remaining facial hair at the mustache and chin can vary from short to long, depending on how best you want to rock it.

Patchy Hollywoodian Beard

This style is similar to the strict Hollywoodian, only that instead of having clean-shaven cheeks and sideburns, it features a light patchy cheek and sideburns.

If you are always worried about having patchy cheeks, you can wear this style confidently.

Hollywoodian plus sideburns

This is a style where your beards are connected to your sideburns either fully or loosely.

You can trim a thin or leave some patchy sideburns that connect to your jawline. 

To highlight your strong cheekbones and define your jawbone, you should clean-shave your upper cheeks. 

How to grow your Hollywoodian Beard

Growing a Hollywoodian beard is pretty easy as the hard work comes while styling and maintain the style.

Start with a clean-shaven face and allow your facial hair to grow for about 3-4 weeks until enough facial hair. If your facial hair does not grow quickly, it can take you 3-4 months.

Your beard may become unruly during this growth period. Trim it when necessary, but if possible, give it enough time to grow.

Once you have enough growth to go for this style, it’s time to trim and style your beard.

Step-by-step guide on how to trim your Hollywoodian Beard

To shape and maintain the Hollywoodian beard, you need some beard tools like a beard trimmer, a razor to shave your neck and cheeks, a beard brush, and a pair of scissors.

Once you have all tools set, follow the guide below.

  1. Start by using a beard brush to detangle your facial hair.
  1. Follow by using your beard trimmer that has a 1-2 inches comb or a comb of your preferred size to trim the sideburns downward evenly and leave the goatee area intact.
  1. Trim a line from the bottom of your earlobes to the chin to create a cheek line leaving enough hair to the jawline for definition. Clean-shave everything above the cheek line to create emphasis on your cheekbone.
  1. If you want to wear your Hollywoodian beard with sideburns, you can leave them untrimmed.
  1. Trim around the soul patch to create a rectangular shape beneath the center of your lower lip.
  1. Trim down your mustache if you need to or leave it depending on the style you want to create.
  1.  Define your neckline an inch above your Adam’s apple and clean-shave everything below using a razor.

If the whole process seems harder to you, have your barber do the trimming.

Maintaining your Hollywoodian Beard

Like any other beard style, you need to take care of the beard to make sure it remains healthy.

You will need to wash your beard with shampoo and conditioners to get rid of impurities and dirt.

Use beard oil and balms to moisturizes the beard and the skin underneath. This will prevent beard itch and beardruff.

You will also have to trim the beard regularly and comb or brush it to keep it in good shape. Remember that the Hollywoodian beard is meant to look effortless so don’t over-style it.

What face shape suits the Hollywoodian Beard?

People with well-defined jawlines like square face shape, oval, triangular, and diamond are perfect for rocking this beard style.

They have prominent jawlines and impressive cheekbones that the Hollywoodian beard can show off immaculately.

What does a Hollywoodian Beard say about you?

Apart from changing your physical appearance, the beard style you rock defines your personality.

A Hollywoodian beard is associated with the rich men on screen, and pulling off the look gives you a sense of sophistication.

It is a style that demands attention and worn by people who are not afraid to live on their own terms, and it gives you the personality of someone willing to take chances.


The Hollywoodian beard is one of the trending beard styles that celebrities are rocking at the moment. This cool beard style with a vintage feel suits most face shapes, and it’s easy to grow and maintain. You can also style it differently with minor variations like deciding to keep the sideburns or having them patchy. If you are a fan of antique culture in the 21st century, this should be your go-to style!