The Top 15 Men’s Facial Hair Styles

Men’s facial hair styles can speak volume about who they are. Beards are now the most popular fashion trend for men. Your beard style can help you accentuate and flatter your best features.  A beard style can completely modify the way you look and change the appearance of your face shape.

Growing a beard is only part of the work. Maintaining it properly and styling it accordingly is hard work.

men's facial hair styles

Each beard is unique, and the best thing is that there is a beard style for everyone. You can try as many styles as you want to find which suits you and make it your signature style. 

With the countless men’s facial hair styles today, choosing the one that really looks good on you can be a hard nut to crack. You will need to consider some factors for you to select a perfectly matching style.

How to choose your beard style?

Consider how much facial hair you have

Your facial hair will determine the king of beard styles you can rock. If you have more facial hair, then you are not limited to the styles you can try. If your beard is hardly there or non-existence, you have minimal options to style it.

How much maintenance are you willing to commit to?

Some beard styles will call for more beard devotion than others. Gauge yourself to know how much you can be committed to groom and maintain your preferred style.

Your face shape

Everyone has a different face shape, and not all beard styles will look great on you. The beard style you choose should highlight your robust facial features.

If you have a rectangular face shape, try to keep your beard shorter on the bottom and long and thick on the sides. This will highlight your strong facial structure.

For those with round faces, grow a full beard on your chin and keep it short on the side. This will lengthen your face.

For the square faces, keep your hair short on the sides of your cheekbone to highlight your strong jawline and grow a fuller beard on the chin to balance the look.

Having an oval head shape is a blessing because almost all men’s facial hairstyles look great on this face shape.

Here are the best beard styles that you can try

The 5 O’clock shadow

This is a simple beard style to achieve. It is an extremely short beard that looks like you missed your morning shave after growing your beard for one or two days.

This facial hairstyle is ideal for men with patchy beard or who struggle to grow a full beard. This style creates emphasis on your jawline, creating an illusion of a well-defined chin.

Medium stubble

This is a beard that is slightly longer than the 5 o’clock shadow. To rock this style, you need to grow your beard for a couple of days.

You must, however, keep the upper cheeks cleanly shaven to bring the jaw-flattering effect, and the overall style can look neat.

Full beard

All you have to do to achieve this style is to let your beard grow to a medium length and shape it accordingly.

It one of the classic beard styles and requires more maintenance because it is complex. Based on your face shape, you may need more creative trimming to ensure the style looks good on you.

The faded beard style

A faded beard is one of the newest men’s facial hairstyles. It is a great style for men with oval and square shapes.

This is a uniquely fashionable look obtained by tapering the beard and sideburn by shaping a clean line on the cheek that fades down to the jawline.  Wear this style if you want to emphasize the structure of your jawline.

The bushy beard

There is no harm in letting your facial hair grow bushy with little to no trimming.

This style emphasizes your beard’s natural texture and enhances your face shape. It can exaggerate your jawline and make you look more mature.

Keeping a bushy beard detangled, hydrated, and paired with an appropriately styled haircut makes this style adorable.

The beardstache

This is a unique beard style that focuses on a full-length mustache, and the rest facial hair is trimmed to stubble.

This beard style is perfect for all face shapes. It works best if the areas between your upper lip and nose is big to accommodate a thick mustache.

The circle beard

This style is for those who find it hard to keep a full beard to retain some facial hair.

The style is named from the shape of the beard. It is a combination of mustache and rounded goatee that forms a round shape.

The hair on the sides is kept short and fuller on the chin and mustache. It is ideal for men with square face shapes and jaws.

The goatee

This style has been around for the longest time, and it is still going strong. 

It is a beard style worn on the chin, and it is not supposed to be connected to a mustache. The cheeks and jaws are cleanly shaved.

It is ideal for people with patchy or spotty facial hair or someone avoiding a complete beard look. You can alter this style by including a mustache and keeping the hair a bit lengthier to create a long goatee.

Long beards

You can rock long beards that are neat and not bushy. The key to pulling off this style is to keep your beard perfectly shaped and moisturized. This will soften the beard and gives them a shiny, healthy look.

Balbo beard

To achieve this men’s facial hairstyle, you need to grow your hair for at least a month.

It consists of a mustache, a soul patch, and hair on the chin that does not connect to the mustache or jawlines. The sideburns are entirely trimmed.

The Garibaldi

This is a facial hairstyle consisting of a fuller mustache and a beard with a rounded bottom.

It looks good on all face shapes.  The beard stops at 20cm in length. You can let the beard grow naturally but trim the mustache to keep it neat. If you want a slightly unkempt style, this is it.

The pointy beard

You can quickly get this style by leaving a lengthier beard on your chin ad trimming it to form a point rather than the usual rounded style.

Shave the hair on your cheeks to get well-defined sideburns that meet below your chin on both sides.  This style makes any face appear longer and leaner.

Patchy beard

People with patchy facial hair shy away from growing a full beard because some areas are fuller than others. Don’t let the small patchy areas prevent you from rocking your full bead. Wear this style with pride as it still looks stylish.

Van Dyke beard

This is a simple style that anyone can achieve quickly. It consists of a mustache and goatee that do not connect.

The cheeks and jaws are shaven clean to allow the mustache and goatee to shine. Grow the mustache long enough so that you can curl it at the sides for a unique look. It is a good style for men with a round face.

The Bandholz beard

This style features a full mustache that connects to a full beard.

It is more like the Garibaldi style, only that its length is not limited and allowed to grow freely. It favors guys with a round face, and it’s easier to maintain. Trimming around the edges keeps a clean look.

Clean shaven!

Having no facial hair at all is still a good choice for a top men’s facial hairstyle. You can use a razor or a trimmer to rock this style every day. It is an ideal style for people in corporate jobs