Different Types of Beards – How to Choose the One for You

Are you planning to sport a beard and not sure which style to rock? The truth is there are hundreds of different types of beards, and you can be experimental with many beard styles until you find one that suits your personality.

Beard styles have significantly evolved, and today, we have finely trimmed, unique, and stylish beards styles that you can pull off. But just like hairstyles, not all beard styles will suit you. Here are some of the things you need to consider to help you choose an ideal beard style.

Facial Hair Growth

different types of beards

The way your facial hair grows will determine the different types of beards you can wear. Does your facial hair grow fast? Is it thick or sparse? All these things can limit or influence your beard styles.


Some beard styles will require you to have thicker facial hair. If your beard density leaves a bit to be desired, then you can look for styles that favor patchy beards.

Face shape

Not all beard styles will suit your facial shape. Knowing your face shape will help you go for styles that highlight and emphasizes your best facial features. The four face shapes common in men include:

Round face

A round face has no prominent angles, and you should style the beard to accentuate it. Have shorter hair on the cheeks and allow it to grow longer on the chin.

Oval face

Having an oval face is a blessing because you can easily pull off all beard styles.

Square face

Keeping your beard shorter on the chin and longer on the sides will help to soften the angles.

Triangular face

This shape has a pointed chin that elongates your face. Growing a long beard or a goatee goes perfect with this facial shape.

Since you now know how to choose a beard style for you and the things to consider, here is a list of different types of beards.

1. Stubble/short beard

Among the different types of beards, stubble is one of the easiest to grow and maintain. You only have to leave your clean-shaven face unshaven for a few days, and voila!

This style is also versatile as you can grow the beard at different lengths to get a different appearance. For example, you can grow a medium or fuller and heavier stubble by allowing your hair to grow longer with fine trims at the edges.

This style is ideal if you can’t rock a longer beard or your facial hair grows slowly.

Long beard

Growing your beard for 6 inches and longer qualifies to be termed as a long beard.

This is a unique beard style though not everyone is capable of growing it; putting into consideration that, it calls for a lot of effort to maintain it. You need to take care of the beard with oils and balm to maintain its healthy look. It can also take you a whole year to grow this beard.

However, it is one of the beards that can be styled into different looks, like the hipster beard or the lumberjack beard.


Can you grow your full beard for a whole year without trimming it?

This is what it takes to achieve this beard style. Allow your beard to grow uninterrupted for 12 months or more without trimming or styling it. Let your facial hair take its course for the next year and see what it forms. 

Shampoo and condition the beard regularly, and apply balm and oil to keep it healthy. It is a big trend in beard growth, and guys want to experiment how much facial hair they can grow.

This beard style may not suit people in corporate environments.

Amish beard

This style entails growing a long full beard but without a mustache.

Allow the beard to grow as long as possible but maintain a clean-shaven mustache. This style calls for proper care like trimming the split ends and applying beard care products and combing to keep it looking healthy. 

Circle beard

This is one of the different types of beard styles that suits a round face as it lengthens your face and draws attention to the mouth.

It entails a rounded goatee that connects to your mustache, forming a circle around your mouth.

It is a low-maintenance style that requires regular trimming and suits people who find it hard to grow a full beard. The circle beards can also be styled to achieve the van dyke or the goatee beard styles.

The friendly mutton chops

This is an iconic beard style that entails growing a full beard with sideburns that connects to the mustache and then shaving clean the mustache and the goatee area. Round and square-shaped faces pull off this style really well.

Full beard

This style entails allowing facial hair to grow all over your face.

The best thing about the full beard is that it offers limitless styling options and can be rocked in both short and long lengths.

It is a favorite beard style for most men because it suits many face shapes, and you can twist your trims here and there to shape it differently.


Do you love beards so much that you can dedicate your life to sporting them?

If that sounds like you, then a tweard beard style is what you should go for.

This entails growing a really long full beard that is about 12 inches which can take you two years or more. This style calls for commitment and dedication to take care of the beard and maintain its healthy state.

You have to work with beard care products like beard wash, beard oil, balm, and brush to keep the beard free from dandruff and keep it moisturized and neat.

Chin strap

This is a beard style where facial hair is connected from ear to ear with lowly trimmed cheeks leaving thin hair that follows your jawline.

You can wear this style with or without a mustache and decide to keep or do away with the goatee.


There are so many different types of beards to try. Let your face shape guide you to selecting a style that suits you.  The only way to tell if a style looks good on you is by trying. Try as many beard styles as possible until you get your proud signature style!